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Cost of Doing Business – Taxes

Dickinson North Dakota Income Tax Rates

According to SmartAssets.com“North Dakota has a progressive income tax that is among the lowest in the country. The top marginal rate is the second lowest of any state that has an income tax. The state sales tax is also below the national average, while the average effective property tax rate is slightly above it.”

Corporate Income Tax

ND State Tax Commissioner

North Dakota corporate income tax ranges from 1.41% to 4.31% depending on income.

Individual Income Tax

ND State Tax Commissioner

North Dakota personal income tax ranges from 1.1% to 2.9% depending on income.

Sales Tax

ND Taxpayer Access Point

State: 5%
County: 0%
City: 1.5% limited to $37.50 per purchase.

Property Tax Structure

Dickinson City Assessors Office

Within Dickinson City Limits Property is taxed based on the properties assessed value. Estimated property taxes can be calculated by using the percentages below. Rural properties vary based on their location and the mill levy associated with the physical address  of the property.

Residential: 1.00395% of assessed value
Commercial: 1.1155% of assessed value

2016 Dickinson Mill Levy

County $78.18
City $40.51
School $90.90
Park $11.51
Water-State $2.00
Total Tax Levy $223.10

Taxable Property Value

Stark County is $221,140,545.00
Dickinson is $139,483,909.00

Tax Exemptions

Tax Incentives

Additional Resources

State of North Dakota New Business Information

Workforce Safety Insurance & Rates

Rates are assessed on 70% of the State’s average annual wage (currently $35,600). Rate classification and amounts are based on the job classification and description.

View the Current Manual Rates Table from WorkForceSafety.com
Workforcesafety.com  |  Apply Online

Rate Examples: 2015/2016

Professional/Business Rep: 0.68% – max $242.08 per person
Building Construction: 8.13% – max $2894.28 per person
Oil & Gas Development/Drilling: 8.23% – max $2929.88 per person
Trucking Hauling: 8.98% – max $3196.88 per person
Stores / Retail: 1.67% – max $594.52 per person
Welding and Blacksmithing: 5.36% – max $1908.16 per person
Computer/Electronic/Assembly: 1.12% – max $398.72 per person

Unemployment Insurance

In 2017 the first $35,100.00 paid to each employer is taxible. Your overall company rate varies based on the company’s account balance and whether it has a positive or negative. Positive balance account rates range from 0.49%-2.60%. Negative balance accounts rates range from 7.33%-11.43%. Placement in the range of rates is determined by a ratio of your 6 year account balance and your average taxable payroll.

New employer rates apply to: 
Positive non-construction: 2.34% – Negative non-construction: 7.33%
Positive construction: 11.43% – Negative construction: 11.43%