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PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT – December 23, 2016

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Executive Vice President

Stark Development Corporation




Stark Development Corporation has selected Ryan Jilek of Dickinson, North Dakota as its Executive Vice President. Mr. Jilek will replace Gaylon Baker who is leaving the position after 21 years of service.

Mr. Jilek was determined to be the most qualified individual from a pool of applicants vetted by a committee appointed by the Board of Directors of Stark Development Corporation. Board President T.J. Herauf indicated that Mr. Jilek displayed a passion for his native Southwest North Dakota and has experience as an Entrepreneur with extensive marketing skills.

Ryan Jilek is a business professional and entrepreneur with over 22 years of experience as a Dickinson, North Dakota-based small business owner and employer. He is the founder and owner of Custom Data, Inc., a multifaceted computer and multimedia company serving clients across the country. As a lifelong resident of Stark County, Ryan enjoys a deeply rooted awareness of the region, its communities, and residents.

Ryan was also owner of Telepharmacy Concepts. Founded as a subsidiary of Custom Data, Inc. in 2002, Telepharmacy Concepts was the first provider in the country of telepharmacy solutions for small rural pharmacies. He worked with rural community leaders to help re-establish essential pharmacy services and revitalize small rural communities through the use of technology and telepharmacy.

During his tenure with Custom Data, Ryan has had the pleasure of working with many local and regional businesses, communities, and organizations on a multitude of projects specifically aimed at promoting and enhancing the socioeconomic environment in the region. With over 22 years of direct involvement in our business community, he has an intrinsic understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges established businesses face, as well as new businesses seeking to establish themselves in our area. He welcomes the challenge of working closely with these entities and researching the right solution to retain or secure their commitment to Stark County.

Ryan attended Dickinson Catholic Schools, Dickinson State University, and graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electric Engineering. Ryan and his wife of 16 years, Kelley, have one daughter, Sophia. Ryan is the step-father to Kelley’s three boys, Keith, Sam, and Ben. Ryan and his family enjoy camping, traveling, cooking, and numerous hobbies, but especially appreciate the time they can spend together. Regardless of where he travels, Ryan is always dedicated to his home town of Dickinson. In his new role, Ryan will strive to maintain his enthusiastic commitment to Stark County, the place he has called home his entire life.

Mr. Jilek will begin his duties at Stark Development Corporation on January 1, 2017 with office hours beginning January 3rd. Stark Development Corporation will host an open house at the Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce Board Room, 314 3rd Avenue West, from 3:00-4:30 PM on Wednesday, December 28 and invites the community to come and meet Mr. Jilek and share views on advancing and diversifying the area economy.